Wedding Night Decoration Ideas

These decorations set the mood, add to the ambiance and start the marriage off in the right direction. There’s no need to go overboard; stick to simple elements that can be set up or planned ahead of time. Add to the memories with extra-special decorations in your wedding suite.

Wedding Night Decoration Ideas

The groom sweeps the bride off of her feet, opens the door, carries her over the threshold along the trail of flowers leading up to and onto the bed. Spread the flowers over the bed in a pattern or arrange them to make the couple’s initials. Place other flower arrangements in the room.

Wedding Night Decoration

Even though there are plenty of flowers at a wedding decoration, the couple seldom gets to enjoy them during the festivities. Flowers can also be sprinkled into a bath for the couple. Placing candles all over the bridal suite takes the room from a hotel to a getaway.

The candles look exotic when lit, and the blandness of the hotel slips away. Place small and large candles next to the bed, in the bath, on the counters and on any flat surface available. Ask the hotel staff to light the candles before the couple arrives.