Star & Celestial Wedding Night Themes

Celestial refers to the sky and heaven, so you are going to require some heavenly decorations and attire if you opt for a star and celestial wedding theme. Think along the lines of the songs “Catch a Falling Star” or “Starry, Starry Night.” Set the theme by sending save-the-date invitations and wedding invitations featuring the star and celestial theme, incorporating the moon, the solar system, stars and astrological signs into your invitations.

Nighttime glitters with stars, falling stars, the Big Dipper and various zodiac constellations, planets and sometimes meteor showers. Incorporate these ideas into your wedding attire. Consider a wedding gown embellished with glistening crystals and wear a veil that flickers in the light courtesy of silver thread or sequins sewn onto the veil. If you are wearing a tiara, purchase one that has a star-shaped pattern. The bridesmaids can place shimmery, sparkling star or moon shaped accessories in their hair. Opt for dark blue, silvery or gold bridesmaids’ gowns. The men can wear star or moon-shaped cuff links. Select star-patterned neckties for the groom and his groomsmen that have a touch of shine and sparkle.

Star & Celestial Wedding Night Themes


For your reception, in the center of the ceiling hang a moon that is shaped from cardboard and covered in shimmery gold foil, or use a disco ball as a moon. Attach stars from ribbons and hang them from the ceiling. Spray the stars with glitter so they will shimmer in the soft candlelight.

Select a dark fabric, such as midnight blue or black, for your tablecloth underlay and then overlay the cloth with tulle fabric, which is shimmery, or a gossamer fabric that has star and moon imprints on it, recommends Wedthemes. Star-shaped candle holders are available and would look lovely on your reception tables.