Black And White Themed Wedding Reception

Wedding theme is one of the important things that should be considered earlier by both the bride and groom. Wedding theme is a combination of both the bride and groom’s personality. Wedding themes The most commonly used is the black and white theme.

Black And White Themed Wedding Reception

In addition to the classic and elegant, wedding theme will also feature the impression of modern style with a creative touch and wrapping motif is supported by accessories classy and charming. In addition to decorations, the wedding invitation should also apply a black and white color to further highlight the wedding theme of black and white.

Black And White Themed Wedding

Unlike a winter wonderland wedding theme that uses cool white, black and white wedding theme using white soft. For the wedding dress using a white color, while the groom using a black suit. For bridesmaid dresses, you should also use a black and white dress in harmony with the bride.

To add to the impression of black and white wedding theme, add white floral decoration. White and black colors will be a more dominant impression of casual and modern featuring a wedding. Black and white wedding theme featuring classic and elegant impression is so simple but it looks so beautiful.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Ideas

When you are planning a winter wonderland wedding theme, you can design wedding decoration with various elements of the cold. Cold elements commonly used to the concept of marriage as well as the winter wonderland of snowflakes, ice, ice skates, and other cool elements. To increase the effect of the cold, you can use the color blue and white colors.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding Ideas

In addition to blue and white, to give the impression of a winter wonderland wedding theme is elegant and modern, you can use metallic colors. With a decor wedding theme like this would look perfect and show the impression of cold according to the concept and theme of winter wonderland coveted you.

Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding

For wedding gifts and wedding accessories with a winter wonderland theme, you can use symbols wonderland cold. For example ice skate, frozen pond, snowman, as well as ice sculptures stood upright and lined up neatly around the wedding decorations. Or a large ice sculpture designed to welcome guests of the wedding invitation.

In addition, to increase the effect of cold on a winter wonderland wedding theme, you can add a large snowballs in one corner of your wedding decorations. Or in the little snowballs at each guest table your wedding invitations.

Elegant Pearl Themed Wedding Decorations

Pearls can be added as an accent to your floral arrangements, both the bouquets that will be carried and the blooms that may decorate your ceremony and reception. If you are considering using pearls as a theme for your wedding, there are a number of ways they can be added to your decor.

Elegant Pearl Themed Wedding Decorations

Fake or real, from the ceremony to the reception, pearls will add that special something to your wedding that will help to make it a classy and stylish affair. Pearls are timelessly elegant jewels. They add a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Pearl Themed Wedding

Pearls can adorn your escort and seating cards, adding a special touch to your tables. You can either make these cards yourself or you can purchase the cards at a wedding wholesale or stationary shop and a supply of fake pearls from a craft store. You can attach the pearls around the edges of the cards, or you can make a design, such as a monogram, on the card.

Edible pearls are made of sugar and can look so real that your guests will assume that they are. The cake is one of the focal points of the wedding. If you are using pearls as a decorative element, you can have them adorn your cake or your cake topper.