Ideas For Outside Best Weddings Locations In US

A wedding should be about celebrating the love of the bride and groom not fussing over intricate decorations. There are many simple decorating ideas for outdoor weddings that will add romance and beauty. Candles, colorful linens, potted plants and pebbles are a few simple ways to decorate an outdoor wedding.

The great outdoors can be the perfect location for a wedding. If you decide to get married during the late spring, early summer or early fall, you will probably have the weather on your side. You most likely won’t have to worry too much about decorating the area if your wedding is outdoors, as trees, sandy beaches or a lovely garden serve as natural and permanent decor.

Ideas For Outside Best Weddings Locations In US

Ideas For Outside Weddings

Picnic Wedding. If you and your soon-to-be spouse do not want an elaborate, overly formal wedding, consider throwing a picnic. A picnic wedding can take place in your backyard or at a local park. Make sure you get the proper permits and permission before holding your wedding in a public area, though.

Have the bridal party carry small baskets full of flowers instead of bouquets down the aisle. The guests can sit on picnic benches during the ceremony. Rent enough picnic tables to seat all your guests at the reception, as well as a few tables for serving or buffet tables. Fill small picnic baskets with locally picked flowers or seasonal fruits and set them on the tables as centerpieces. Serve the type of food you would normally eat at a picnic, such as hamburgers, sandwiches and salads. Consider renting a large tent in case it rains on the day of your wedding.

Best Wedding Locations In US

Wedding in a Garden And Park

A garden in full bloom is a beautiful spot to hold your wedding ceremony. You may have a friend or family member who has a beautiful backyard garden that would be ideal for your wedding. If not, see if you can rent space at a public botanic garden for the afternoon. Some gardens, such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, allow you to choose the type of garden you wish to have your wedding in, such as a rose garden or Japanese garden. Weddings in a public garden are usually simple, since the gardens can have strict rules. You may only be allowed to have a small number of guests and the guests may have to stand during the ceremony. If you do not want to have your ceremony outdoors in inclement weather, check if the garden has an indoor area available.

In addition to the garden, a unique and exciting wedding can be done in a unique place in the USA at Opryland USA Theme Park in Nashville may also be an option to make your dream wedding venue in order to make your wedding different from others.

Small details are simple to include but can make a big impact at your outdoor wedding. Sprinkle some colored stones or pebbles across each table. They’ll pick up the light while adding romantic twinkle. Hang a few balloons from chairs or trees. Consider leaving bowls of fruit around the area. These colorful foods will bring an outdoor, natural vibe, while also providing an easy snack for hungry guests before the reception.

How to Decorate a Yacht for a Wedding

Nothing says luxury and romance better than the ocean, a sunset and a beautiful yacht. Decorating a yacht, especially if it is going to be moving during the wedding ceremony, is a lot different than decorating a church or building.

Think about where the ceremony will be held. You’ll need to create space for the bride party, master of ceremonies and guests. Traditionally, weddings are held at the bow, or front, of the yacht, so create space in the bow if you can. Set up a small, raised stage to serve as the altar, and place a spray of flowers on either side. If you are having a night wedding, consider lining the altar area and walkway with votive candles. Keep the flower arrangements and candles low, as waterways are usually quite windy.

How to Decorate a Yacht for a Wedding

Decorate the outside of the yacht

Decorate the outside of the yacht. Hang ribbons, streamers and flowers on the sides of the yacht. Attach them with clear shipping tape, as it will probably not remove any paint but will be sturdy enough to hold the decorations even in the wind.


Decorate the back of the yacht with a sign saying, “Just Married!” Create the sign with sturdy card stock and attach ribbons to the edges of it. Regular paper will probably wilt or be destroyed by the wind and moisture, so get the thickest type of card stock you can find–or even use cardboard.


Use flowers lavishly. Yachts are usually elegant in design. Don’t ruin an elegant wedding with garish balloons or cheap decorations. Place flowers in the bathrooms and in every other room the wedding guests might frequent.


Consider the outside environment. Decorate the ramp or dock leading to the yacht with ribbons, candles and flowers. Consider throwing rose petals into the water if the environment allows for it, or make it a part of the ceremony.


Etiquette for a Friday Night Wedding

Because they are less expensive and more flexible, Friday night weddings have become increasingly popular over the years. If you are planning a Friday night wedding, there are certain wedding etiquette tips to follow to ensure you and your guests enjoy the night.

Wedding etiquette refers to the best techniques and practices one should employ to make a wedding successful and appropriate. Proper wedding etiquette ensures that wedding guests will be comfortable and entertained, while the bride and groom fully enjoy their special day.

Etiquette for a Friday Night Wedding

Ceremony And Reception

When having a Friday wedding, it is important to plan the ceremony for the late afternoon or early evening, preferably no earlier than 5 p.m. This will allow your guests to avoid taking the whole day off of work or school to prepare.

When having a Friday wedding, you should provide your guests with a full meal at the reception. If guests have come directly from work, they will likely be hungry and expecting a meal.

If possible, plan to have your reception directly after the wedding ceremony. Unlike weekend weddings, Friday night weddings occur during a shorter time frame, and the events must move quickly. If possible, take wedding pictures before the ceremony to avoid making your guests wait for you at the reception.

The Day After

Friday night weddings allow for a full weekend of fun and relaxation after the wedding. To thank your guests for attending your wedding and say goodbye before you depart on your honeymoon, have a casual brunch or lunch on Saturday, and invite close family, friends and guests who have come from out of town.

Wedding Night Gift Ideas for Her

A wedding night is probably the most important and special moment in everyone’s life and you would definitely want to make it very special and memorable for your wife and both of you in particular. Wedding night is a beginning of the new life, new aspirations, new hopes, love, desires and anticipations for a sweet future ahead.

It is going to be one of the best occasion in your life, so surprise your wife with some delightful and romantic gift that she would love to have. And if you and your partner are still not into each other and still not very open with each other, a romantic gift is a great idea to open up the conversations and make the things comfortable for her. You should keep in mind her choices, preferences and temperament while choosing the gift for her.

Wedding Night Gift Ideas for Her

There might be multitude of choices available for the gifts you can choose, but still it is one of the most difficult thing to select the gift that she would really like. If you don’t have any such idea, as what you should gift to your beloved, in order to sweep her off her feet, than you must check out these ideal gifts for her on wedding night.

Most Important – Decorate Your Rooms Beautifully

Women are fond of gifts especially by their loving husbands, as they are excited to know whether they known their taste. So make a special place in her heart, touch her soul by adorning her with a lovely yet creative gift for the wedding night.

Gifts everybody takes for her newly wed wife but very few of them decorate their rooms with flowers full of fragrance, lots of candles and all to make a romantic night. See Gifts are must things to buy for your wife for first night but do make sure to decorate your room such that as she enters your room she should say or feel “WOW”.