Cheap Indoor And Unique Wedding Venues California

Budgeting for a wedding can be a very difficult experience; however, there are many creative and budget-friendly options for hosting a wedding reception. Renting venues in the local area that are not labeled as wedding locales will increase availability and lower prices. Many rental facilities that are not conventional options for weddings have potential for hosting a charming reception.

A budget-friendly option for a wedding reception is available right at home, or possibly the home of a relative or friend. Having a reception in a backyard is free from booking and rental fees, which allows for more monetary resources to be spent on decorations, food and drinks. Backyard receptions can offer an intimate, homey and welcoming experience for guests without any restrictions that can be imposed by a rented venue.

Cheap Indoor And Unique Wedding Venues California

Cheap Indoor Wedding Venues

One of the first and most important parts of planning a wedding is selecting the venue. You might have your ceremony and reception in the same venue, or hold the ceremony in a place of worship and the reception in a separate location — but either way, you’ll want to lock down your location as soon as possible since many popular venues book up months or even years in advance.

The average couple spent $14,000 on their wedding venue in 2014, according to the Knot – that accounts for almost half of the average American wedding budget of just over $31,000. For some, that $14,000 was just the price to rent their venue, and as such, they still had to pay for equipment rentals, catering service, alcohol, and a band on top of that. Others likely found that many amenities were included in their venue rental. It depends on what a location offers, so it’s important to do your research.

Unique Wedding Venues California

Sacramento, California, features wedding venues where engaged couples do not have to spend their entire life savings. These wedding venues offer packages which cover the rental fee for ceremony sites, costs for wedding official and coordinator, event setup and inexpensive buffet plate-per-person prices for the reception. Some venues separate ceremony and reception rates. Saving on wedding costs allows couples to have more money for their honeymoon or a down payment on their first house.

Sacramento Garden Pavilion. The Sacramento Garden Pavilion is in northern Sacramento, within five minutes of McClellan Air Force Base. As of 2011, Garden Pavilion charges $1,900 for nine hours. This package is for a ceremony and reception on Fridays and Sundays. For ceremonies, this venue offers an outdoor courtyard area with a fountain centerpiece. Receptions occur in the Garden Pavilion’s ballroom, which seats 250 guests. Garden Pavilion’s wedding packages includes buffet or sit-down catering, wedding rehearsal and a complimentary one-night stay for the bride and groom at Sacramento’s Red Lion Hotel. For buffet receptions, the fee is $4.95 per person.