Wedding Night Gift Bag Ideas

Your wedding ceremony and reception might be your most cherished memories of the big day, but you can’t help but look forward to having some alone time with your new spouse once you reach your hotel. Kick off the night together by exchanging gifts that range from a celebration of your new life together to items that boost your enjoyment of the evening to those that you’ll use in the months ahead.

Wedding Night Gift Bag Ideas

A Look Back

Your wedding night can be a chance to reflect on your life together as a couple. Compile several items that tell the story of your relationship. Share a journal entry or email you sent a friend saying that you’d found “the one” after your first date; put together a photo album of images of your most cherished moments together; or enclose some homemade flash cards that help you reflect on your funniest memory together, your most romantic evening, or the time you most felt in love.

Sweet and Sexy

Give your new spouse a selection of items you can enjoy together on your wedding night. For intimate gifts, look for warming oil with which to massage each other, a CD or MP3 playlist of “your songs” or classic seductive tunes, or a book such as the “Kama Sutra.” Depending on how adventurous you are in the bedroom, an adult board or card game or a selection of silk or feather scarves can help make your night memorable.

From the Heart

If you’ve spent most of your savings on your wedding and honeymoon, opt for a homemade gift that your spouse can enjoy on your wedding night. Keep the gift focused on love by penning a love note that lists your favorite things about her. If you can, put together a poem even one that’s a bit goofy that helps you share the contents of your heart. If you were a little too shy to share your heart during your vows earlier in the day, now’s the time.