Outdoor Wedding Ideas Night

Nighttime outdoor weddings require considerations daytime weddings don’t, such as lighting. Prepare your wedding area beforehand to ensure your wedding turns out the way you desire. Outdoor weddings are common for couples who enjoy the outdoors or want to take advantage of the natural scenery found outside for their wedding theme.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas Night

Proper lighting at your nighttime wedding will ensure guests can see where they are going, what they are eating and see you exchange your vows. Wrap strings of twinkling white lights around trees, an arch, railing or other sturdy structures. Hang lanterns, whether traditional or paper, from trees, trees or whatever structures are available.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Decorate to accentuate your surroundings and play into your wedding theme. Use light colors for your tables and chairs so they don’t get lost in the darkness, such as white, light yellow or pale pink or blue. Layer your tables with tulle in the same color as the base linens and twist a string of twinkling lights inside of the tulle.

Use LED candles or place numerous candles inside of hurricanes or tall glass candle holders to add flickering light without worrying about the flames blowing out due to the breeze. Items commonly found in nature, such as twigs, branches, sand, shells, flowers and rocks can accentuate your tables.