Korean Home Decor Ideas For Outdoor Night Wedding

One of the components of the cost of a marriage license is the lease of the building or room. Often, teens even tens of millions should run out so that you can secure a decent place to host a party reception. When in fact you don’t have to rent the building for the sake of a dream wedding. Marriage with the concept of Korea is also widely selected.


Outdoor wedding decoration was held outdoors can be an alternative that is not only efficient, but also memorable specials. You can use the home page. Outdoor wedding invitations make thus could become more familiar. We will offer some recommendations of the concept of the outdoor wedding is a Korean that you can use for your wedding night.

Outdoor Night Wedding Korean Home Decor

The wedding does not have to be presented at the moment of the afternoon. The star studded night can also make you more happy days relived. The wedding was not solely have to be presented at the moment of the afternoon, because now you can host them during nighttime. The dark of the night on the lawn will be felt more beautiful when you want to add some yellow lights. Well, if you normally hold a procession off the balloon on the day of the reception, now you can replace it with fireworks.

Titles wedding at night can give you a feeling of calm. Without a lot of decoration of flowers, stars and lights flicker yellow color also can make the wedding you will not be forgotten. Well, you are interested in applying it. The soft feel of the wedding you can invent with pastel wedding filled with melodious tones. In addition, you can decorate your altar decoration color soft pastel colors such as purple, pink, light green, or yellow.

Cheap Indoor And Unique Wedding Venues California

Budgeting for a wedding can be a very difficult experience; however, there are many creative and budget-friendly options for hosting a wedding reception. Renting venues in the local area that are not labeled as wedding locales will increase availability and lower prices. Many rental facilities that are not conventional options for weddings have potential for hosting a charming reception.

A budget-friendly option for a wedding reception is available right at home, or possibly the home of a relative or friend. Having a reception in a backyard is free from booking and rental fees, which allows for more monetary resources to be spent on decorations, food and drinks. Backyard receptions can offer an intimate, homey and welcoming experience for guests without any restrictions that can be imposed by a rented venue.

Cheap Indoor And Unique Wedding Venues California

Cheap Indoor Wedding Venues

One of the first and most important parts of planning a wedding is selecting the venue. You might have your ceremony and reception in the same venue, or hold the ceremony in a place of worship and the reception in a separate location — but either way, you’ll want to lock down your location as soon as possible since many popular venues book up months or even years in advance.

The average couple spent $14,000 on their wedding venue in 2014, according to the Knot – that accounts for almost half of the average American wedding budget of just over $31,000. For some, that $14,000 was just the price to rent their venue, and as such, they still had to pay for equipment rentals, catering service, alcohol, and a band on top of that. Others likely found that many amenities were included in their venue rental. It depends on what a location offers, so it’s important to do your research.

Unique Wedding Venues California

Sacramento, California, features wedding venues where engaged couples do not have to spend their entire life savings. These wedding venues offer packages which cover the rental fee for ceremony sites, costs for wedding official and coordinator, event setup and inexpensive buffet plate-per-person prices for the reception. Some venues separate ceremony and reception rates. Saving on wedding costs allows couples to have more money for their honeymoon or a down payment on their first house.

Sacramento Garden Pavilion. The Sacramento Garden Pavilion is in northern Sacramento, within five minutes of McClellan Air Force Base. As of 2011, Garden Pavilion charges $1,900 for nine hours. This package is for a ceremony and reception on Fridays and Sundays. For ceremonies, this venue offers an outdoor courtyard area with a fountain centerpiece. Receptions occur in the Garden Pavilion’s ballroom, which seats 250 guests. Garden Pavilion’s wedding packages includes buffet or sit-down catering, wedding rehearsal and a complimentary one-night stay for the bride and groom at Sacramento’s Red Lion Hotel. For buffet receptions, the fee is $4.95 per person.


Black And White Themed Wedding Reception

Wedding theme is one of the important things that should be considered earlier by both the bride and groom. Wedding theme is a combination of both the bride and groom’s personality. Wedding themes The most commonly used is the black and white theme.

Black And White Themed Wedding Reception

In addition to the classic and elegant, wedding theme will also feature the impression of modern style with a creative touch and wrapping motif is supported by accessories classy and charming. In addition to decorations, the wedding invitation should also apply a black and white color to further highlight the wedding theme of black and white.

Black And White Themed Wedding

Unlike a winter wonderland wedding theme that uses cool white, black and white wedding theme using white soft. For the wedding dress using a white color, while the groom using a black suit. For bridesmaid dresses, you should also use a black and white dress in harmony with the bride.

To add to the impression of black and white wedding theme, add white floral decoration. White and black colors will be a more dominant impression of casual and modern featuring a wedding. Black and white wedding theme featuring classic and elegant impression is so simple but it looks so beautiful.

How to Decorate a Yacht for a Wedding

Nothing says luxury and romance better than the ocean, a sunset and a beautiful yacht. Decorating a yacht, especially if it is going to be moving during the wedding ceremony, is a lot different than decorating a church or building.

Think about where the ceremony will be held. You’ll need to create space for the bride party, master of ceremonies and guests. Traditionally, weddings are held at the bow, or front, of the yacht, so create space in the bow if you can. Set up a small, raised stage to serve as the altar, and place a spray of flowers on either side. If you are having a night wedding, consider lining the altar area and walkway with votive candles. Keep the flower arrangements and candles low, as waterways are usually quite windy.

How to Decorate a Yacht for a Wedding

Decorate the outside of the yacht

Decorate the outside of the yacht. Hang ribbons, streamers and flowers on the sides of the yacht. Attach them with clear shipping tape, as it will probably not remove any paint but will be sturdy enough to hold the decorations even in the wind.


Decorate the back of the yacht with a sign saying, “Just Married!” Create the sign with sturdy card stock and attach ribbons to the edges of it. Regular paper will probably wilt or be destroyed by the wind and moisture, so get the thickest type of card stock you can find–or even use cardboard.


Use flowers lavishly. Yachts are usually elegant in design. Don’t ruin an elegant wedding with garish balloons or cheap decorations. Place flowers in the bathrooms and in every other room the wedding guests might frequent.


Consider the outside environment. Decorate the ramp or dock leading to the yacht with ribbons, candles and flowers. Consider throwing rose petals into the water if the environment allows for it, or make it a part of the ceremony.


Living Room Wedding Night Decorations

An at-home wedding is ideal for an intimate, personal and close-knit ceremony and reception. One challenge in holding a wedding at home is having adequate space. If the living space is large and open, it will be ideal for a small reception. Decorations will be the element that transforms a familiar living room into a wedding venue.

For an intimate and romantic feel, keep the lighting low and soft. Scattering many candles and tea lights around the room is ideal. Be creative with the candle holders. Use crystal or elegant glass holders for a high-class look, stone and wooden holders for a rustic look or stainless steel for a modern look. For a more unconventional wedding, use bolder lighting such as small spotlights, hanging lanterns or even a shimmering disco ball chandelier. Also consider stringing white Christmas lights around the room.

Living Room Wedding Night Decorations

Linens, Flowers, and Music

Cover all sofas, chairs, recliners and benches with crisp white linens or linens in the colors of the wedding party. This will help transform the room into an elegant setting. This will also protect the furniture from spills and soiling.

The flowers can be subtle or bold. Place single stems in many thin vases throughout the room, or place several full arrangements on tabletops, end tables, banisters and fireplace shelves. Wind and wrap vines and flowers real or silk around staircase rails. Add a large arrangement where the couple will exchange vows.

You can use a stereo draped with white or lace linen and place a floral arrangement on it. If you have enough space for a live combo, designate a corner of the living room for the musicians, set slightly away from the guests and wedding couple.


Wedding Night Decorations Bedroom

After the exhaustion of the wedding ceremony and reception, the newlywed couple needs a relaxing and romantic place to spend their first night as a married couple. You can decorate a hotel room or bridal sweet with accents like rose petals and champagne, making for a cozy retreat to kick of the honeymoon.

When decorating a bedroom for a married couple, making choices using feng shui principles can enhance the unity of the partnership and strengthen the marriage. Whether you practice feng shui or not, your goal should be to create an environment that is comfortable, inviting and serene.

Wedding Night Decorations Bedroom

Wedding Night Bedroom Ideas

Flowers can instantly add a touch of romance to the bridal room, and you can fill the space with roses or the bride’s favorite flower. You can even tear off flower petals and scatter them around the floor. Also, cover the bed in flower petals and arrange a heart made from the petals at the center of the bed.

The bride and groom may want to take a bath to relax after the hubbub of the wedding. Furnish the en suite bathroom with some bubble bath, bath salts, lotions, a pair of robes and a bath pillow. You can even light candles in the bathroom to make it a romantic setting.



Ideas Decorate Wedding Night Hotel Room

A wedding night should be unforgettable. Add to the memories with extra-special decorations in your wedding suite. These decorations set the mood, add to the ambiance and start the marriage off in the right direction. There’s no need to go overboard; stick to simple elements that can be set up or planned ahead of time.

Time alone together at a local hotel can revitalize your love, however not all hotel rooms are designed with romance in mind. Add romance to any hotel room with special touches, such as candles, chocolates, roses and wine, to set the mood and help reconnect you with the one you love.

Ideas Decorate Wedding Night Hotel Room

How to Decorate for a Wedding Night

Even though there are plenty of flowers at a wedding, the couple seldom gets to enjoy them during the festivities. A trail of rose petals as you enter the wedding suite might sound cliché, but it is a classic romantic gesture for a reason.

Placing candles all over the bridal suite takes the room from a hotel to a getaway. Use enough candles so no lights or lamps have to be turned on. Try using scented candles such as sandalwood, vanilla or jasmine to help heat up the mood even more.

Place an MP3 player or CD player with speakers in the room with a playlist or CD consisting of romantic songs. Select songs that are meaningful to the bride and groom. Arrange to have the music on repeat and playing as they walk in. If you are not familiar with specific songs that the bride and groom enjoy, look online for “wedding night playlists” or “wedding night songs.”

Chill a bottle of sparkling wine in an ice bucket for the couple, and set two Champagne flutes next to the bucket. The couple may never pop the bottle, but it is a romantic trimming that helps set the mood. Decorate the room with a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolates and other fruit; set it on the foot of the bed, on the nightstand or on a small table. They are nice to look at, and it makes for a good snack later in the evening.

Wedding Night Decoration Ideas

These decorations set the mood, add to the ambiance and start the marriage off in the right direction. There’s no need to go overboard; stick to simple elements that can be set up or planned ahead of time. Add to the memories with extra-special decorations in your wedding suite.

Wedding Night Decoration Ideas

The groom sweeps the bride off of her feet, opens the door, carries her over the threshold along the trail of flowers leading up to and onto the bed. Spread the flowers over the bed in a pattern or arrange them to make the couple’s initials. Place other flower arrangements in the room.

Wedding Night Decoration

Even though there are plenty of flowers at a wedding decoration, the couple seldom gets to enjoy them during the festivities. Flowers can also be sprinkled into a bath for the couple. Placing candles all over the bridal suite takes the room from a hotel to a getaway.

The candles look exotic when lit, and the blandness of the hotel slips away. Place small and large candles next to the bed, in the bath, on the counters and on any flat surface available. Ask the hotel staff to light the candles before the couple arrives.

Tulle Wedding Decoration Ideas

Tulle can be used in the ceremony in a few ways. If there is a unity candle being lit, or another meaningful tradition, tulle may be woven around the table with strings of light or silk ribbon. Pew decorations will have a simple elegance when you use tulle bows with tails of tulle and ribbon.

Tulle Wedding Decoration Ideas

Combining the right materials, colors and designs give the overall wedding a polished look and set the tone. Using tulle for your wedding decorations adds a touch of class and lends to a romantic fairytale-like setting. The right wedding decorations for the ceremony and reception pull everything together.

Tulle Wedding Decoration

Use white tulle for a classic, timeless look or use colored tulle to coordinate your decorations with the rest of the wedding theme. Better yet, mix some white tulle with colored tulle for a completely different look by twisting them together. You can create unique decorations by adding greenery, colored ribbons, flowers and bows to your tulle.

Use the tulle as a runner and sprinkle confetti or rose petals around it. For a beautiful shine, scatter clear flat marbles on top of the table, surrounding the cake, unity candle, gifts or centerpiece. For an extra special touch that adds a touch of romance, place a string of lights behind the tulle.

Elegant Pearl Themed Wedding Decorations

Pearls can be added as an accent to your floral arrangements, both the bouquets that will be carried and the blooms that may decorate your ceremony and reception. If you are considering using pearls as a theme for your wedding, there are a number of ways they can be added to your decor.

Elegant Pearl Themed Wedding Decorations

Fake or real, from the ceremony to the reception, pearls will add that special something to your wedding that will help to make it a classy and stylish affair. Pearls are timelessly elegant jewels. They add a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Pearl Themed Wedding

Pearls can adorn your escort and seating cards, adding a special touch to your tables. You can either make these cards yourself or you can purchase the cards at a wedding wholesale or stationary shop and a supply of fake pearls from a craft store. You can attach the pearls around the edges of the cards, or you can make a design, such as a monogram, on the card.

Edible pearls are made of sugar and can look so real that your guests will assume that they are. The cake is one of the focal points of the wedding. If you are using pearls as a decorative element, you can have them adorn your cake or your cake topper.